A trip down Halloween memory lane...

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

A few weeks ago, my daughter came home from her grandparents house with a bag from Halloween City saying her grandmother took her to buy her Halloween costume. It was not a cute little angel, or even a devil, or even Harley Quinn (who I've denied the past two years). Much to my surprise, it was a blood splattered mini dress with a knife through the head headband. Very gruesome, to say the least. I'll be starting her hair and makeup in a few -- wish me luck. I officially have a middle schooler ...... and a mother that just laughed when I called her to inquire about purchasing the costume!

Anyways, here's some of her costumes over the years. I'll update after Halloween with this year's creation!

2009 - Baby Leopard

2010 - Princess Belle

2011 - A Dalmatian

2012 - A Football Player

2013 - A Jolly Pirate

2014 - Princess Elsa

2015 - A Cheer(less)leader

2016 - Catwoman

2017 - Evie from Descendants

2017 - I also made her dress up as Rihanna from the Wild Things video 😊

2018 - A Day of the Dead Character

2019 - Eleven from Stranger Things (her bestie was Max)

2020 - A Gruesome Zombie and a Cute Little Beanie Baby that she wore to cheerleading practice (JAG Cheer Bear)

Have a safe and happy Halloween! What are you kids or fur babies dressing up as?

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