Back to (Remote) School

In an effort to make remote learning somewhat exciting I set up this little "Back to School" table for my daughter on her first day of school (which also happened to be her first day of Middle School).

Included were:

★ "Make Today Ridiculously Amazing" pillow from Target

★ Computer lap desk - for those "work from bed" days - from Amazon

★ A "First Day" chalkboard from Houzz - (we fill this out each year)

★ Student 20-21 Planner / Agenda book from Amazon

★ Print logo graphic tee from Hollister

★ A Starbucks 'Back to School' themed gift card

★ Some notebooks, pencils, highlighters, dry erase markers and post-it notes

★ A "Back to School" cookie set from Bake Waltham

★ Super Fun Planner Sticker Book from Target

★ The cutest blue-light blocking glasses - came in a 2 pack from Amazon

Cutest cookie pack ever!

Oh, and I actually went out to Starbucks at 7AM to make sure she had her Pink Drink in hand!

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