December 11th: Elf on the Shelf Kissing Booth

Pucker up! "Elf Kissing Booth ... Take a kiss!" Super easy, and sweet, Elf on the Shelf idea.

Step 1: Print out the "Kissing Booth" on a standard sized sheet of cardstock paper. The Kissing Booth printable is included in the Ultimate Christmas + Elf Guide, Planner & Printables on my Etsy page.

Step 2: Cut out the square box (where the Elf's head will go) and fold in both sides of the printable to stand it up on a table or flat surface. Prop up your Elf behind the 'booth'. I sat the Elf on a candle in order to keep it standing.

Step 3: Get some Hershey' kisses and lay them all around your kissing booth!

Want more ideas and printables? Be sure to check out the Ultimate Christmas + Elf Guide, Planner & Printables -- with over 55 daily Elf ideas, printable elf on the shelf props and letters / notes.

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