December 20th: MOVIE NIGHT! Fun Elf on the Shelf Idea

Elf on the Shelf MOVIE NIGHT!! Now showing: ELF! This was a fun one to create.

Step 1: Print out the "NOW SHOWING" sign. The printable is included in the Ultimate Christmas + Elf Guide, Planner & Printables on my Etsy page. You can customize the movie to be whatever you'd like! All you do is take a piece of plain paper, write your movie title, and tape it on to the printable.

Step 2: Pop some popcorn, set it up in a popcorn box, or if you don't have one, any type of mug or bowl will do. I sprinkled some all around them too -- quite messy but cleanable! Along with some candy.

Step 3: I went the extra step and added some string lights to make it look fancier! This step isn't necessary but brightens up the scene.

Want more ideas and printables? Be sure to check out the Ultimate Christmas + Elf Guide, Planner & Printables -- with over 55 daily Elf ideas, printable elf on the shelf props and letters / notes.

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