December 23rd: Elf on the Shelf BAKE SALE!

Clarissa the Elf held a BAKE SALE today! Not sure if she made any money but the cookies sure did taste great :)

Step 1: Print out the "Bake Sale" booth printable on a standard sized sheet of cardstock paper. The booth and ingredients sign is included in the Ultimate Christmas + Elf Guide, Planner & Printables on my Etsy page.

Step 2: Cut out the square box (where the Elf's head will go) and fold in both sides of the printable to stand it up on a table or flat surface. Prop up your Elf behind the 'booth'. You may have to put some type of object behind him in order to keep it standing.

Step 3: I sprinkled flour on the table and laid out some mini cookie cutters I found at Hobby Lobby.

Step 4: For the cookie table, I used a piece of brown cardstock and folded both sides in to make a 'box' shape. The cookies are from Bake Waltham.

The "Let's Bake Some Memories" sign is from the Christmas Tree Shop.

Want more ideas and printables? Be sure to check out the Ultimate Christmas + Elf Guide, Planner & Printables -- with over 55 daily Elf ideas, printable elf on the shelf props and letters / notes.

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