#ShopSmall: Tulip's Custom Designs

Many of us are starting holiday shopping fairly soon, and as the saying goes, "it's the thought that counts!". Of course, trying to think of a thoughtful gift is not always easy! However, if you have an urge to browse some personalized products from a local small business based in Burlington, MA, I'm almost positive you'll find the perfect present for your friend, family or loved one at Tulip's Custom Designs!

My cousin's wife is extremely talented, and does this while simultaneously taking care of FOUR kids! She creates some really amazing products that make the PERFECT gift! Here are some of her custom creations:

Personalized Elf for Kids, $5

"Welcome" / Door Signs

The photos don't do these plaques justice! They're really gorgeous in person.

New Baby Elephants

Tulip's Custom Designs can also make personalized clothing, water bottles, face mask holders, wall decor, and MUCH more!! Visit her Facebook page and send her a message to inquire or order!

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