TY Beanie Baby Tag - Perfect for Halloween Costume or Playing Dress Up!


Included in downloadable folder is three sheets:

1) Side 1 of the heart Beanie Baby Tag

2) Side 2 of the heart Beanie Baby Tag

3) White Bottom Tag


Instructions for Assembling Tags:

- Print Side 1 and Side 2 either separate or on Double Sided Paper.

- If separate, glue sides together.  Cut out heart shape

- Use a hole punch and piece of ribbon, and tie securely on a bear ear.

- Cut the white bottom tag paper in half to get rid of the excess white.  Fold this paper in half, and staple it to the side of the leg.


Specific details on how I assembled:

- Printed each Side 1 and Side 2 individually from Staples.  Side 1 was printed as a 12x18 glossy poster. Side 2 was printed as a 12x18 matte poster. 

- Glued both sides together using rubber cement and let it dry. 

- Folded it in half to create the tag. 

- Cut the heart shape from the folded tag. 

- Hole punched and inserted red ribbon.



Don't want to be a "Cheer Bear"?  Tag can be customized for an additional $2.00! Email me at allison@createaftercoffee.com before placing your order and I can customize that tag for you.  Just let me know the type of Beanie Baby you want to be, your poem, and date of birth. 

TY Beanie Baby Tag - CHEER BEAR